Guitar Tutor "Fretboard" Sliderule
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Learning to play the guitar can be a challenging task. As a beginner, the neck of the guitar seems to be a maze of notes that are easy to get lost in. What is needed is a simple tool that will visually illustrate chords and scales on the guitar neck.

As a beginning guitar student I had many questions such as, “How are chords formed?” and “Are there other positions on the guitar neck that chords can be played?” To answer these questions and many others, I began to study basic music theory as it related to the guitar. As I learned more about music theory and how chords and scales related to the fret board, I compiled that information into a basic slide rule that I could use as a personal reference. The more I learned, the more I expanded the slide rule to become a reference for any need I had as a musician.

When I began to teach guitar lessons, I shared the slide rule with my students, who found it a valuable reference for understanding basic music theory.  The result of years of study, experience, and revisions is the Guitar Tutor.

Guitar Tutor Slide Rule
Included Users Guide

The Guitar Tutor is a Musicians Sliderule that illustrates playing any scale and any chord on the Guitar fretboard.

The Guitar Tutor can be use to...

  • transpose chords either with or without a Capo.
  • find the key of a chord progression,
  • find the chords of a key,
  • find the notes of a chord
  • find the notes of any scale.
  • illustrate CAGED scale patterns on the fretboard
  • illustrate scale modes on the fretboard
  • quickly reference common chords

The Guitar Tutor comes with a 20-page users guide that illustrates its many uses. It is an excellent reference tool for new students and experienced musicians. The book has a pocket inside the front cover to store the Sliderule and is designed to fit easily into most Guitar cases.


"The slide rule is awsome because it shows an easy way to find the notes and helps me change keys. I really recomend the Guitar Slide rule."
Theresa Johnson - Former Guitar Student